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What To Wear Grouse Shooting

Posted on July 30 2018

What you should wear grouse shooting is similar to what you would wear for any other driven game. Firstly comfort is the most important factor, you will not be able to shoot well in a badly fitting coat and you certainly don’t want to be left soaked after a rain shower. In the early season the hot weather will make it uncomfortable to shoot in heavy tweed so we would recommend a shooting vest either in cotton like the Purdey Francolin or tweed like the Laksen Ainsley. This should be paired with a technical waterproof like the Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight so you are prepared for the unpredictable weather. Large pockets are always useful for carrying cartridges, and good shooting coats will have a strap to hold the pocket open for faster loading.

Stick to darker shades of green and brown that will help you to blend in with your surroundings, this is especially important in the late season when the grouse will have learnt where the butts are, as you don’t want them turning away from you.

A loose fitting shirt like the Musto Classic Twill Goathland will give you the flexibility you need in the butt, and should be worn with a tie. Breeks are essential, paired with shooting socks and garters. Corduroy, moleskin or tweed are all excellent choices and for a more traditional look you can match the tweed to your jacket.

A quality tweed cap is ideal, to protect your head from the weather however, the style is down to personal preference.

Grouse moors can often be boggy with rough ground that will make you thankful for a quality pair of walking boots or wellies that keep your feet dry and help you safely navigate the terrain. Harkila and Le Chameau make some of the best.

Unlike pheasant or partridge, grouse are shot fast and low to the ground which increases the danger of stray pellets so safety glasses are a must. We stock several options with coloured lenses that will improve the contrast of the grouse against the landscape, making them easier to get onto early. The Dirty Dogs set comes with three interchangeable lenses to make sure you shoot at your best. Ear defenders or plugs are also necessary, we recommend a high quality set of electronic ear defenders like the MSA Sordin or Peltor 3M Sportac which will allow you to hear your surroundings without going deaf.

Finally a grouse marker will make it easier to keep track of your birds so you don’t waste time looking for them. With the right clothing and a gun that has been recently serviced you should be set for an amazing day in the countryside, whatever the weather throws at you.

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