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Peltor 3M Kids Ear Defenders



Product Details

3M Peltor Kid Ear Defenders help you enjoy noisy events with the peace of mind that young, sensitive hearing is protected from harmful or disturbing levels of sound. An essential piece of kit for family visits to air shows, concerts, festivals, sporting events and firework displays, Peltor Kid Ear Defenders are lightweight, comfortable and fun to wear. They are also ideal for avoiding disturbance from louder domestic noise such as lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners or power tools. You’ll find these ear defenders a great solution to help keep things calm, leaving you to get on with your chores. Ear defenders consist of rigid cups with soft plastic cushions that seal around the ears to reduce noise. 3M Peltor Kid Ear Defenders have low profile ear cups with no protruding parts that could catch or snag. The wide sealing cushions are filled with soft foam to enable a close seal around the ear without exerting too much pressure against the head and face; the headband is adjustable to help you achieve a snug fit. This pack contains one pair of neon green ear defenders on a black headband. 3M Peltor Kid Ear Defenders are also available in neon pink Attenuation: 27dB SNR. Peltor Kid Ear Defenders should always be checked by an adult before entry to a noisy environment and regularly throughout exposure. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times whilst wearing this hearing protector. Peltor is a trademark of 3M Company.


  • Comfortable, lightweight ear defenders
  • Help protect hearing in noisy environments
  • Ideal for concerts, festivals, sporting events, air shows, firework displays and domestic noise
  • Suitable for smaller heads
  • One pair of neon green ear defenders on an adjustable black headband

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