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The Sterling Redemption


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This is the second book in The Sterling Saga series and picks up the story in 1983 when the Sterling Armament Company is suddenly raided by Customs & Excise.

The Sterling Redemption tells the story of one of the most serious miscarriages of justice in modern times.  By the age of forty, the author had become a successful manufacturer with a town house in Kensington.  But all this suddenly changed when he was wrongly charged with arms dealing in Iraq and ended up on trial in the Old Bailey in 1985.   He lost his successful business, the Sterling Armament Company, his marriage and was made bankrupt.  Years later, shivers erupted around Whitehall with revelations that senior officials had blocked witnesses and covered it up.

The Sterling Redemption is the thought-provoking true story of James Edmiston’s epic twenty-five year battle to clear his name and the struggle for compensation against seemingly impossible odds.  Edmiston suffered a double injustice: wrongful charge and waiting 25 years for justice to be done but he has never received an apology.  Lord Justice Scott described the misconduct as “disgraceful and reprehensible”.  However, no officials were prosecuted and some were actually promoted.  This truly remarkable story is a fascinating insight into government and abuse of power and is based on many original sources including the Scott Report and Judgment of the Court of Appeal (Criminal).

The co-author, Lawrence Kormornick, is a Solicitor-Advocate (civil) who has represented Edmiston and several other victims of the Arms-to-Iraq prosecution scandal against the government and has a unique insight into these cases. Packed with ironies, twists of fate and many unanswered questions it is a compelling read for anyone interested in political intrigue and abuse of power, miscarriage of justice and learning about how Edmiston took on the state and won record compensation.

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