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Countryman's Cooking - W.M.W. Fowler

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Here are dishes to gladden the countryman's heart and to revive the town-dwellers jaded palate: roast peasant, casseroled grouse and pigeon, rook pie, woodcock with bacon, jugged hare, rabbit pie, tatie pot, mutton stew, salmon cakes, fried sea trout breakfast, RAF bacon and eggs and many more tremendous hearty treats - a handwritten recipe for beer also features! The aim of this book is to instruct first in principles of cookery, commencing with the live creature - be it bird, fish or animal - and explains how to snare and shoot, pluck and skin, dissect and joint. W M W Fowler's recipes reflect the succulent wholesomeness of English cooking at its best. However, not only is this a means and way with food - it is a whole philosophy of life, and Fowler digresses delightfully.

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