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Duck Wax


Product Details

his product extends the life of your leather and wax cotton items. The ultimate in long lasting protection. It won't stain stitching. Is a sweet smelling, Leather Food. It will Moisturize, soften & preserve you leather. It helps to waterproof your leather. Reduces water absorption, whereby water will form beads & run off. Conditions and revives the look of the leather or wax fabric. Works on wax cotton (Barbour type) jackets too!
DucksWax is a 100% natural product that breathes new life into your leather. Which penetrates the leather skin conditioning and helps maintain natural suppleness. Once applied the surface is left grease free making DucksWax the perfect treatment for leather furniture, leather car seats, Leather Clothing and saddles & tack. For all outdoor leathers DucksWax repels water and moisture and is a favourite amongst Motorcyclists, Horse riders, Golfers, Hikers and anybody working outdoors. DucksWax is translucent & can be applied to all colours and restores the natural sheen to all leather surfaces.

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