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Good Game British & European Game Cookery - Victoria Jardine-Paterson & Colin McKelvie

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"European Game Cookery" is a new departure in game cookery books, drawing together from all over Europe a wide range of traditional and modern recipes, from the simple to the more elaborate, for preparing and cooking wild mammals, birds and fish we call game. Over 25 different species of game animals, birds and fish are included, each in a separate section, in which Colin McKelvie gives an introduction to its natural history and hunting traditions, and adds a map to show its distribution in Europe. There are useful practical sections on the preparation of game for the kitchen, with easy to follow illustrations. Colin McKelvie has also contributed suggestions for a choice of wines for serving with game of all types. "European Game Cookery" is more than just a practical cookery book. It is a fund of information for anyone interested in field sports, in the natural history of game, in the wines of Europe, and in the infinite variety of cuisine to be found across Europe.

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