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How To Be Asked Again (How To Be The Perfect Shooting Guest) - Rosie Nickerson

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A step by step guide to modern shooting etiquette stuffed full of amusing quotes and anecdotes, which will instruct the Gun on how to be the perfect guest out shooting - and hence, how to be asked again.

Inspired by the fact that so many more people are taking up shooting as adults and may have missed out on the vital apprenticeship in the field as a child, it encapsulates everything you need to know but no one will ever tell you out shooting as `you are just expected to know'.

The book covers in a logical way what happens, or should happen: from the moment you receive a shooting invitation, to arriving at the shoot, shooting safely and courteously, how to hold your own, how to mark your birds, what never to say and how to tip the keeper. Much of this information comes from almost a hundred interviews with beaters, keepers, flankers, pickers up, shoot organisers, shoot owners, and grouse moor owning earls and dukes. Hilarious cartoons by Oliver Preston make this a very entertaining book on shooting, the perfect gift for any shooting man or woman, either novice shot or experienced Gun.

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